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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Lost, Found & Stray Information

Each year, DuPage County Animal Care & Control takes in over 4,800 animals. On average, 35% of these arrive as lost, found or stray animals. Sadly, more than 75% of dogs and fewer than 99% of cats carry some form of identification or microchip allowing us to notify their owners when they are found. Despite the unfavorable odds, the staff of DCACC work very hard to reunite as many lost animals with their owners as possible.

Lost Pets

Click HERE to fill out a Lost Report.  DCACC checks all incoming strays against the lost reports. 

Dealing with a lost pet can be a very emotional time for the pet and it's family.  If you or someone you know has lost a pet, please view helpful information on reporting a lost animal, locating your lost animal and preventing loss

Found Animals

With the assistance of well-informed and observant community members, DCACC works hard to reunite lost animals with their families. Please see information about how to report a found animal, common lost animal myths and what to do if you find a stray animal.

Stray Animal Information

To assist pet owners searching for their lost pets, DCACC has compiled a listing of stray animal holding facilities along with information on what happens to a stray animal once it arrives at the shelter.

DCACC's Reclaim Protocol for Stray & Relinquished Animals

All citizens reclaiming an animal from DCACC will be required to provide proof of current rabies vaccination and/or have their animal vaccinated by a DCACC veterinarian prior to the animal being discharged from our facility.  This is being done to protect the public and the public's pets from potential exposure to rabies.  Any animal arriving at DCACC without a current rabies registration tag will be vaccinated at intake, so please be sure your pet wears his/her DuPage County rabies registration tag at all times.  View our list of services and fees, including vaccination fees for animals impounded at DCACC.