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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Foster Care

DuPage County Animal Care & Control relies on a dedicated team of foster families who each year care for hundreds of kittens, puppies and dogs until they are old enough or well enough to be placed up for adoption.

Foster care is a critical piece of our effort to provide each and every adoptable animal with a second chance at life. Foster families are needed to provide one-on-one care in the following instances: 


During Phase I of shelter improvements (approximately January-May 2016) DCACC will rely heavily on foster families to care for adoption dogs, dogs awaiting rescue placement and dogs in need of medical care.  

Foster and Volunteer Flyer Phase I

Puppies (dogs 4 months of age or younger)

DCACC receives young puppies either as owner surrenders or as strays. Puppies are not able to be placed up for adoption until they are old enough to receive their basic vaccinations and are spayed/neutered.

DCACC would prefer that instead of spending their first months of life in a cage, that these young dogs be allowed to enjoy a home-like setting. Puppies that are fostered have an opportunity to learn socialization and potty-training skills and to work on basic manners all of which will make them even more desirable to potential adopters. 


Each year DCACC received hundreds of young kittens. Any kitten under 8 weeks (or two pounds) cannot physically stay in the shelter because they are too young to be vaccinated and their immune systems are not developed which leaves them at great risk of becoming sick.  Foster families are needed to care for kittens until they are weaned and old enough to be spayed/neutered and placed up for adoption.

In some cases, DCACC receives pregnant cats or kittens that arrive with their  nursing mom. In other cases, abandoned kittens arrive orphaned. In the case of abandoned kittens, DCACC relies on a special team of highly dedicated foster families who provide care for these cats and kittens.

For more information on what to expect when fostering kittens, including needed supplies, feeding and helpful tips, visit our Foster Kitten Program page.


Occasionally DCACC foster homes for adult cats.  Adult cats needing foster are usually

Foster Care Program


Currently seeking foster homes for  kittens



Foster Application and Important Documents

All fosters must complete the Foster Application Phase I, download save and submit electronically to For more information, please visit the DCACC site or call us at (630) 407-2800.

Please also review the below document:

Dog Fostering FAQ During Phase 1 Renovation