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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Friends of DCACC Foundation


Friends of DuPage County Animal Care and Control Foundation  

More Than 2,750 Lives Saved

The Friends of DuPage County Animal Care and Control Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization whose mission is to support compassion toward all animals in the care of the shelter.  The Foundation's vision that DuPage County will be a community where all pets have a home.

DuPage County Animal Care and Control is the only immediate open admission shelter in DuPage County and will not turn away any animal in need.  The shelter cares for more than 3,000 animals each year - including many from collar counties - and does so without the support of ANY taxpayer dollars.   

  • Every day through the generous support of our donors and supporters, the Friends of DCACC Foundation is helping homeless pets receive their second chance at life by making possible the programs that have to-date allowed us to provide assistance for:
  • 187 senior animals (age 6+ for dogs and 8+ for cats) receiving help finding their forever homes through Scratch's Senior Adoption Fund
  • 15 senior felines aged 10+ years receiving assistance with finding their forever homes where they can live out their golden years through Scratch's Feline Adoption Fund
  • 14 bonded animals (5 pair) that have found their forever homes together through Scratch's Bonded Pair Adoption Fund
  • 1,725 cats and kittens receiving help finding their forever homes - opening up lifesaving space for more cats and kittens awaiting adoption through Scratch's Feline Adoption Fund
  • 10 dogs and cats that have been given a second chance at life through the Critical Care Fund
  • 66 small animals (guinea pigs, parakeets, rats, hamsters, turtles, etc.) finding homes through Scratch's Small Animal Adoption Fund which encourages those looking to add a small animal to adopt rather than buy from a pet store.
  • 46 dogs and cats waiting on the adoption floor for 30 days or longer that have found their homes sooner thanks to Scratch's Extended Stay Adoption Fund.
  • Life saving medical equipment and supplies through our Critical Care and General Funds.
  • 3 animals with pre-existing medical conditions received help finding a forever home through Scratch's Medical Disclosure Adoption Fund.
  • More than 644 dogs have successfully participated in the lifesaving S.T.A.R. (Structured Training And Reinforcement) program, a partnership between DCACC, the Friends of DCACC Foundation and The BellyRub Klub.
  • 15 dogs & cats were adopted during the 2014 "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Fee-Waived promotion and 17 dogs & cats were adopted during the 2014 Fall Festival Fee-Waived Adopt-a-Thon

Stats are from inception of fund through December 31, 2014.  Find out more about how Friends of DCACC is helping to save animals' lives and how to get involved by visiting our website at

In memory of "Scratch", beloved DCACC office cat (2005-2012), the Friends of DCACC Foundation officially re-named its Subsidized Adoption Fund "Scratch's Fund".  Scratch, like the thousands of animals before and since, arrived at DCACC as a homeless stray and was an example of the many animals that need a little extra help finding their forever homes.  Scratch's Fund provides that help, and more importantly, HOPE.