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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Animal Information

Waffles Waffles Waffles

Labrador Retriever
3 Years
Location: DCACC

Hi, I'm the wonderful, wagging, wiggly Waffles! I bounce (do you see me catching that ball?!), I play (nonstop!), and I love with my whole, big, goofy heart (hope you're ready for some big slobbery smooches!)! I came to DCACC when my owner could no longer care for me. While I've been here I've been working on something called "manners" and I've been told that I need to learn to "control myself" (whatever that means!). I think it must be a good thing because I get to spend lots of time taking long walks (which I love) and learning new things (I'm a smart boy!) with all the new people friends I have made at the shelter! I get called "exuberant" and "excitable" a lot so the staff here thinks it would be best if I went to a home without young children (under 10) so I don't knock them down on accident. I would love a family that will play with me, and take long walks, and take me to training so I could learn lots of cool tricks1 Think that family might be yours? Come by the shelter and visit me today! Please visit for more details or call 630-407-2800.