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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Housing Assistance

The purpose of this program is to link the family or individual to services that may prevent homelessness. These services may include financial assistance for rent or mortgage payments and referral to appropriate other sources.

Eligibility will be determined by the funding source which is available.

Housing and Emergency Rental Assistance

Income eligible households may receive limited financial assistance with their rent or mortgage.


  • Client must live in DuPage County, and have not received assistance in the past 12 months
  • Meet income guidelines as directed by funding source available at that time
  • Must have received a 5 day notice or court notice for eviction or verification of homelessness.
  • Have a current valid lease
  • Show ability to pay future rent
  • Client must prove an emergency, extenuating circumstances, or drop in income to receive assistance

Shared Housing Program

The Shared Housing Program links compatible persons in housing that is safe and affordable by matching DuPage County residents who wish to share their homes with those who are seeking housing. Click to view the Shared Housing Brochure.


  • All applicants must complete a comprehensive interview, and provide personal references.
  • All adults must pass a background check.
  • Matches are based on both, preferences and financial ability to sustain housing.
  • All matches will be made with respect to each home sharer's right to a safe, healthy, and peaceful living environment.


The home to be shared must: be located in DuPage County;  meet habitability standards; & comply with local ordinances.


  • When both parties decide to share, we offer guidance and assistance in developing a Shared Housing Agreement.
  • The program continues to provide support to both sharers in their new living arrangements

For more information contact DuPage County Community Services at 630-407-6500 or 1-800-942-9412 or email

Housing Search Assistance

The following websites may assist individuals in finding housing: