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Purpose of Strategic Planning

It is important to note that this strategic plan is for County government and is meant to guide our actions as we address needs in DuPage.  It will set direction for County government regarding its roles and responsibilities, and DuPage County government officials will use it to help guide decision-making.  The strategic plan is not a detailed operational plan, nor does it contain specific budget recommendations.  Instead, it presents a vision for DuPage County's future, and, in particular, it outlines DuPage County government's role in achieving that future.

Why We developed a Strategic Plan

The last strategic plan for DuPage County government was done over ten years ago.  In the intervening ten years, there have been considerable changes in DuPage County that affect County government's role and responsibility.  Our fiscal situation has changed, the demographics of the DuPage population we serve are continuing to change substantially, and the development trends in DuPage are much different than they were ten years ago.  DuPage County government developed this strategic plan in consideration of this changing environment and to develop a clear idea of the County's  strategic priorities for the coming years. 

Overview of the Process

A Strategic Planning Steering Committee, made up of County Board members and countywide elected officials, was appointed in early 2006.  The County also contracted the services of the Regional Development Institute at Northern Illinois University to facilitate the process and help develop the plan.  The first phase involved collecting information and recommendations from private interviews with County elected officials and key leaders outside of County government, focus groups on specific topics, and the public through public meetings and surveys.  A second phase included workshops and Steering Committee discussion of the input received. The final plan was approved by the County Board on May 22, 2007.

Implementation of the Strategic Plan

A permanent Strategic Planning Committee has been created by the DuPage County Board to guide the implementation of the plan and to assure follow-through on its recommendations.  This Committee includes County Board members and countywide elected officials, and it will be seeking input and advice from County staff and community leaders from outside of County government.  The responsibilities of the new Strategic Planning Committee include: (a) establishing priorities for implementation; (b) establishing implementation teams recommended in the plan; (c) monitoring the plan's implementation and progress toward achieving goals; and (d) recommending revisions of the plan.

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