The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

County Board

Fairview Fire Protection District


Name: Ron Paprocki
Title: Board Member, FFPD
Address: 3806 Sterling Road, Downers Grove, IL  60515


The Fairview Fire Protection District is responsible for providing emergency response fire services to the area roughly between Glendenning Road to the North; 36th Street to the East; Fairview Ave and Fairview Road to the South; and 39th Street to the West. The board governs the affairs and business of the fire protection district. The district has a contractual agreement with the village of Downers Grove to provide services to its residents. View map of the district 

Meeting Schedule



3 years

Appointed By

County Chairman with the advice and consent of the County Board




Applicants must be electors in the Fairview Fire Protection District.


3 trustees


70 ILCS 705/4


NameFirst Date of Appt.Current Term ExpiresPosition
Lawrence Budnik06/23/200904/30/2016Trustee
James Downey 10/09/201204/30/2014Trustee
Ronald Paprocki06/12/201204/30/2015Trustee

Financial Information

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