The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Messages from the Chairman

County offers tips to prepare for spring storms 

As our winter season finally winds down and we move into spring, I encourage residents to be prepared for weather-related emergencies.

Legislation Will Enable Incremental Government Reform 

Illinois’ 7,000 units of government have created multiple layers of inefficiency that place an unnecessary financial burden on taxpayers. In an effort to reduce the size, scope and cost of local government, I initiated legislation in Springfield that would provide DuPage County with new tools to achieve incremental reform.    

County Dissolves First Outdated Agency 

After nearly two years of evaluating the County’s independent agencies, I am pleased to report that we have successfully eliminated one outdated entity from property tax bills through the DuPage ACT Initiative (Accountability, Consolidation and Transparency). 

ACT Initiative Prompts Ethics Reform 

As chairman of the County Board, I have made it my mission to make government more accountable, transparent and efficient. Through that initiative, I have focused on strengthening the County’s ethics ordinance in an effort to better protect taxpayers from government fraud.      

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Scheduled to Perform in DuPage this Summer 

With its unique collection of amenities from historical museums, musical venues and zoos, DuPage County embodies a premier cultural destination. It was recently announced that the Chicago Symphony Orchestra will join our DuPage County cultural community when it performs at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle this summer. 

Heightened Security Following Recent Acts of Senseless Violence - December 2012 

Recently our country has mourned over two acts of senseless violence. Within the same week, a gunman entered a busy Oregon mall and opened fire taking the lives of three people and a separate tragic scene took place at a Connecticut elementary school where a gunman killed 26 people, where 20 of the victims were children between the ages of five and 10 years old.  

DuPage Committed to Enhancing Railroad Safety 

DuPage County is committed to improving public safety and relieving congestion on our roadways. Therefore, we have teamed up with the State of Illinois and local municipalities on a variety of projects that will improve safety for motorists and pedestrians alike at two railroad intersections in Downers Grove and West Chicago.

FY 2013 budget is balanced without raising taxes or cutting services 

While most units of government must struggle with whether to raise taxes or cut services – or both – we in DuPage County are in the rare position of reducing the cost of government without jeopardizing the level of service we provide to taxpayers. 

Governor Quinn Recognizes DuPage County's Efforts to Increase Accountability, Transparency 

press Governor Quinn Recognizes DuPage County's Efforts to Increase Accountability, Transparency 2012-08-14 DuPage County was recently recognized by Governor Pat Quinn for our efforts to increase government accountability and transparency. The Governor hosted a bill signing ceremony last month in ou

New Ethical Standards Raise the Bar in Reform Agenda 

As our mission continues to make government more accountable, transparent and efficient, I recently introduced the DuPage ACT Initiative (Accountability, Consolidation, Transparency) that provides county-appointed agencies with a roadmap to instill a variety of reforms. One significant piece of the ACT Initiative includes a new ethics ordinance for the 24-appointed agencies.  

Honoring local heroes on Memorial Day 2012 

Memorial Day ceremonies will be held throughout our great nation to remember and honor those who died while fighting for our freedom. One of the many heroes who will be memorialized this weekend is U.S. Army Spc. Samuel Watts of Wheaton who passed away on May 19 from injuries sustained last month in Afghanistan. 

Spring kicks off road construction season 

This spring has brought unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny skies, encouraging us to venture outside. While visiting your favorite trail or park, you will notice that spring in DuPage County also means road construction season. As the weather warms up, DuPage County seizes the opportunity to maintain the infrastructure that drivers depend on.

Mission continues to make government smarter, leaner 

press Mission continues to make government smarter, leaner 2012-03-12 County Budget Message from the Chairman DuPage County recently released the first in a series of landmark reports that cite recommendations on how to improve local agencies. This report is an important step in my mission to make go

Residents Urged to Join Citizens Service Team 

We all realize that government at every level is dealing with budget pressures due to flat revenues and high costs. Even smaller public agencies are looking for new ways to save money while continuing to provide vital services. Taking on this task will require fresh leadership and innovative ideas – this is where I hope you can help. We are forming a “Citizens Service Team” to invite folks like you to join our effort to reform local government and bring new ideas and new energy to the table. 

Season of giving calls for generosity - December 2011 

The holiday season certainly is a tremendous time to give, receive and show appreciation to our loved ones. Yet it can also cause a lot of stress for families who are struggling to make ends meet. In DuPage County alone, more than 150,000 residents fall into this category. 

Chairman Cronin reflects on first year in office 

One year ago, I had the honor of being inaugurated as the new DuPage County Board Chairman. The past year has provided many opportunities to make county government work more efficiently and more productively on behalf of DuPage County residents. 

County Passes Fiscal Year 2012 Budget , December 2011 

December marks the beginning of DuPage County’s fiscal year and I look forward to this new year knowing that as a County Board we recently passed a fiscally responsible budget that provides essential services without asking for more money from our taxpayers.  

County Budget Message from the Chairman, September 2011 

On Sept. 13, I presented the 2012 budget that builds on the successes that we have achieved this year. The FY 2012 budget of $434.7 million is $10.3 million less than the current budget.  

Newly Designed Website 

In our continued effort to improve communication and provide essential news to DuPage residents, this webpage has been redesigned to be more user-friendly and informative.  

Memorial Day Message, May 2011 

In March 1770, Crispus Attucks and four other colonists died at the hands of British troops during the Boston Massacre. Their deaths, which triggered events leading to the Revolutionary War and the birth of our nation, are largely identified as the first casualties of war in American history.

Message from the Chairman, January, 2011 

The beginning of 2011 offers everyone a chance for a fresh start with new ideas about how to achieve success during the year.

Letter to DuPage Residents from Dan Cronin 

Earlier this month, I accepted the honor and responsibility of serving as the new DuPage County Board Chairman. I genuinely look forward to working on your behalf over the next four years.

Chairman Cronin's Inaugural Speech - December 6, 2010 

I’m here this evening very humbled…very grateful…and very mindful of the tremendous privilege that has been given to me by the voters of DuPage County.

Fight the Bite by following the West Nile Virus Protection Index 

As we enjoy spending time outdoors with friends and family, it is important to protect our loved ones from mosquitos.

Elgin-O’Hare Expressway will Serve as Gateway to DuPage County 

DuPage County recently participated in a groundbreaking ceremony for the Elgin-O’Hare Expressway extension. The extension is a significant project for the region as it will relieve congestion, reduce travel times and enhance economic development.

Holidays remind us of the importance of investing in our community 

press Holidays remind us of the importance of investing in our community 2013-12-20 Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s important that we take time to slow down and appreciate the true meaning of this holiday season. The holidays provide a wonderful reminder that we are a part of something much la

County provides voter information 

This month, Illinoisans are invited to cast their ballots in primary elections, which will narrow the field of candidates for the general election in November.

Understanding Your DuPage County Property Tax Bill 

Your annual property tax bill is calculated based upon three factors:  the assessed valuation of your property as determined by your township assessor; the tax rates submitted by your local units of government; minus any exemptions you may qualify for.

County Receives National Award for ACT Initiative 

This summer, I was thrilled to learn that DuPage County was chosen to receive an Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties (NACo) for our ACT Initiative (ACT stands for Accountability, Consolidation and Transparency).