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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Drug Court Program

Drug Court Program Manager: Jean Solon
Phone: 630-407-8846

Mission Statement

The mission of the DuPage County Drug court program is to strive for better outcomes by longer tenure in substance abuse treatment programs producing better outcomes.  Drug Courts are proven to retain offenders in treatment considerably longer than most other correctional programs.  We also strive to provide our participants with quality treatment which is a critical consideration and shows significantly better outcomes.  Drug Court strives to break the cycle of addiction that drives criminal behavior of the non-violent drug user.  Through the coordinated efforts of the Judiciary, Drug Court team members, Community Service Providers, supportive family and friends, the drug court participant is integrated back in to their communities to give back, support their families, pay taxes thus breaking the cycle of addiction and crime.

Cost - Effectiveness

In line with their positive effects on crime reduction, Drug Courts have also proven highly cost-effective.  A recent cost-related meta-analysis concluded that Drug Courts produce an average of $2.21 in direct benefits to the criminal justice system for every $1.00 invested - a 221% return on investment.  When Drug Courts targeted their services to the more serious, higher-risk offenders, the average return on investment was determined to be even higher: $3.36 for every $1.00 invested.

Eligibility Requirements

If the applicant meets the basic criteria, their attorney may file an application for the DuPage County Drug Court Program that can be found in all of the felony courtrooms. A six-week continuance is requested at that time. A licensed professional completes a thorough substance abuse evaluation. This evaluation format follows the recommended A-SAM criteria. The evaluation determines an applicant's level of addiction and level of care. If an applicant is in custody at the DuPage County Jail during this time, they will be attending the JUST Program. If they are out on bond during this time, they will attend Pre-Contemplative groups that are facilitated by Probation staff. The purpose of these groups is to prepare the applicant for treatment.

If a person is then found eligible for the DuPage County Drug Court Program, the DuPage County State's Attorney's Office and the defense attorney negotiate a plea agreement for the applicant. This agreement is based on the applicant's criminal history. If the applicant is found eligible and is in agreement with the terms and conditions of Drug Court, they then sign a Drug Court Contract and Agreement. These documents specifically state what the participant must do to complete the Drug Court Program successfully.

Program Overview (pdf)

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