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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Contractor Registration Information

All General and Sub-Contractors performing work in Unincorporated DuPage County are required to be registered with the DuPage County Building Official prior to permit issuance and commencement of work. Plumbers, Irrigation & Fire Alarm Contractors do not pay a fee but are required to register with the County. If there are other trades with the registration, that trade(s) will be charged the registration fees that apply.

All registrations shall be valid for a one year period from the date of registration. Registration is required before work is performed on any new projects. (Further registration details are available from the Building & Zoning  Department at: (630) 407-6700 )

A Certificate of Insurance is required - Liability and Worker Compensation if applicable. ***It would be helpful if the certificate holder on the Certificate of Insurance stated c/o Building & Zoning Department under the County of DuPage***

Contractor Registration Ordinance & Forms