The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Building Code

BUILDING CODE - Residential & Commercial Amendments - revised Building Code effective as of August 11, 2015

Building Code showing revisions

Public Act 096-0778 was signed into law on August 28, 2009 amending the Energy Efficient Commercial Building Act by including residential buildings and amending the name of the act to the Energy Efficient Building Act. The new requirements for residential buildings became effective on January 29, 2010. This includes renovations, alterations, additions and repairs to most existing commercial and residential buildings which must follow the Illinois Energy Conservation Code. For further information and details go to

"Illinois Energy Conservation Code" for Commercial and Residential Buildings 

Building Code Appendix B - Tables & Illustrations - *permits are required for all sheds - if 150 sq ft or less in size no plans are necessary

2009 International Building Code for Swimming Pools

Du Page County Basic Above Ground Pool Electrical Requirements

  • Based on National Electrical Code 2008 Edition Article 680

Du Page County Outdoor Spa/Hot Tub Electrical Requirements

  • National Electrical Code Article 680, Section 680.42 governs outdoor spa/hot tub installations

A permit is required when installing a pool, spa or hot tub if:

  • It is twenty four inches (24") deep or greater
  • It has 250 sq ft of surface area or greater
  • It is equipped with a water recirculating system