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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Stormwater Regulatory Services

Stormwater Management enforces the DuPage County Countywide Stormwater & Floodplain Ordinance (PDF), and is responsible for updates to the ordinance.

The Stormwater Submittal Packet details the process and requirements for a DuPage County Stormwater & Floodplain Management Permit and should be referenced if you have a pending or future permit submittal. Some municipalities ( complete waiver communities) choose to review and process all aspects of the stormwater permit besides floodway review, while others ( non-waiver and partial waiver communities) review all aspects except for development in Special Management Areas. It is important to contact your municipality to determine its status and preference for processing stormwater permits. Applicants for developments in unincorporated areas of DuPage County apply for a stormwater permit directly through DuPage County. Please call 630-407-6700 with any questions regarding the stormwater permitting processes.

Helpful Forms and Links

Public Information Regarding IEPA General Permits

The content, below, is displayed to provide information regarding Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's (IEPA) permit requirements for DuPage County's stormwater discharges from its larger construction projects and storm sewer system, respectively.

ILR10 Postings

Stormwater discharges associated with industrial activity from construction sites that will result in the disturbance of one or more acres total land area or from construction sites less than one acre of total land that is part of a larger common plan of development or sale if the larger common plan will ultimately disturb one or more acres total land area require compliance with IEPA Permit No. ILR10, General NPDES Permit for Storm Water Discharges from Construction Site Activities. DuPage County submits a Notice of Intent (NOI) to IEPA in order to obtain coverage under ILR10 for projects where coverage is required. Additional information regarding DuPage County's construction site projects and associated stormwater discharges can be found here

ILR40 Requirements

DuPage County is permitted to discharge stormwater to Waters of the State through its coverage under IEPA Permit No. ILR40, General NPDES Permit for Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems. The Water Quality section's webpage further describes the County's programs designed to meet the requirements of ILR40.