The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Operations & Maintenance


The County is responsible for operating flood control facilities during extreme rain events and ensuring adequate maintenance is performed on these facilities. This program provides regional flood protection through the operation of rain and stream gage networks, flood forecast computer modeling, and operation of the flood control structures.

The County is responsible for mitigating the effects of overbank flooding, which occurs when streams or rivers top their banks. In such an event, Stormwater Management has facilities used for the storage of stormwater during storm events. Some of the facilities throughout the County are gravity inflow, which means that they operate by gravity when stream elevations reach a certain elevation, overtop a weir and start diverting water into a retention or reservoir area. Other facilities in the County require manual operation by County staff during storm events, including Spring Creek Reservoir, Wood Dale Itasca Flood Control Reservoir, Elmhurst Quarry and Fawell Dam. 

Program Areas