The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Klein Creek Flood Mitigation Project

Klein Creek Rendering 

The Klein Creek Flood Mitigation Project began early June 2014. The project along Klein Creek in Armstrong Park, located in Carol Stream, is a joint effort between DuPage County Stormwater Management, the Village of Carol Stream and the Carol Stream Park District to alleviate flooding in the area. In order to do this,DuPage County will construct a two-reservoir system that will operate when water elevations in Klein Creek increase in order to divert floodwaters from the majority of the nearby Armstrong Park neighborhood. Reservoir One will take in water directly from Klein Creek and upon reaching a specific elevation, water will be pumped into Reservoir Two—a much larger storage reservoir.

Construction has been split into three phases. Phase I includes construction of a gravity-operated flood control reservoir to detain floodwater, as well as construction of a larger storage reservoir with a pump station located where the southern portion of Lake George is today. Phase II involves construction of the pump station to move water from the gravity-operated reservoir into the larger storage reservoir. Finally, Phase III includes installation of a 60-inch siphon under Arrowhead Trail, Indianwood Drive and Thunderbird Trail to convey water from the reservoirs back into Klein Creek once river elevations have subsided following flood events. Phases I & II are approximately 60% complete and Phase III is estimated to be 75% complete. Construction of all three phases is expected to be completed in spring 2015.

Construction Updates

Phase I

To date, Phase I work has included excavation and disposal of unsuitable material, construction of the overflow weirs, construction of both reservoirs, and restoration of the bottom of both reservoirs with seed and wetland plant plugs. All storm sewer within Armstrong Park has also been installed. Upcoming work includes importing and compacting clay for construction of the reservoirs. The reservoirs are expected to be completely constructed by mid-November.

Phase II

Work in this phase is focused on construction of the pump station. Much of the pump station foundation has been poured and crews are expected to complete construction of the pump station structure within the next few weeks. Concrete has been poured for the pump station in stages, building up from the footing by constructing the lower walls, upper walls, and finally the top deck.

Phase III

The 60” siphon pipe has been installed starting at Armstrong Park, under a private property, under Illini Drive, and under Indianwood Drive up to Cherokee Court. In total, over 2,000 feet of 60” siphon pipe has been installed. Crews have progressed past the intersection of Indianwood Drive and Thunderbird Trail, moving south towards Klein Creek. Installation of the siphon is expected to be complete at the end of this month and asphalt is currently scheduled to be placed the beginning of November.

Planning Exhibits


Klein Creek Watershed Plan

The Klein Creek Watershed Plan Addendum No. 2 was included in West Branch DuPage River Interim Watershed Plan.