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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois


DuPage County Stormwater Management Encouraging Residents to Complete Survey

DuPage County Stormwater Management is encouraging residents and business owners to complete a brief survey regarding water quality in the County’s waterways.

Stormwater Management is conducting the survey to gauge public awareness of stormwater runoff and its effect on the local streams and rivers. In an effort to attain healthier waterways, public education and outreach concerning water quality are among activities mandated by the Clean Water Act.

“The original focus of the Clean Water Act was sewage treatment plant discharges, but the EPA realized stormwater runoff also contributes a substantial amount of pollutants to our waterways,” said Stormwater Management Planning Committee Chairman Jim Zay. “As a result, the Clean Water Act now requires communities and counties to establish measures to address this source of pollution, and education and outreach are components of that.”

To comply, DuPage County and its partner municipalities educate the public on how to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff draining into storm sewer systems – and ultimately to waterways.

“Our job here is, first, to ensure residents are aware of these pollutants and, secondly, help them reduce their contribution to the system. We already have resources in place to help residents reach this goal, but responses from this survey will be key in helping us better utilize those resources,” said Chairman Zay.  

In addition to efforts from the County and municipalities, Stormwater Management collaborates with local organizations to meet these mandates. The Conservation Foundation and SCARCE both assist with educating the DuPage County community about how to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff through best management practices and green infrastructure.

“With a County of nearly one million residents, it’s vital and economically sound to partner with local organizations to achieve our mission. We do this in all areas of stormwater management, and water quality is no exception,” said Chairman Zay.

Stormwater Management will use the survey responses to create a water quality campaign to disseminate information throughout the DuPage County community. The overarching goal is to raise residents’ awareness of ways to reduce pollutants reaching the County’s waterways via stormwater runoff in order to make them supportive of both aquatic life and recreational uses.

The survey is available through the end of the month at

For more information on DuPage County’s education and outreach activities, visit

Date Posted: Monday, March 11, 2013