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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Village of Villa Park Police Station

Villa Park Green Roof
Villa Park Police Station Green Roof

As a 2003 grant recipient, the Villa Park Police Station constructed a 3,000 square foot green roof, a 6,400 square foot bioswale for underground storage in an existing parking lot of the new police station constructed in 2004. 10,000 square feet of permeable pavers in the adjoining parking lot was also included in the improvements. The project addressed pollutant loadings and stormwater runoff within Salt Creek. The bioswales and permeable paver’s demonstrated infiltration based stormwater management practices to address non point source pollution in an urban area. The bioswales were composed of a depressional lined area with an amended organic topsoil to increase permeability. The runoff management system was designed to restore predevelopment hydrologic conditions and assist with meeting water quality standards in the Salt Creek watershed.