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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Warrenville Road Permeable Paver Reconstruction

Warrenville Permeable Pavers

Warrenville Road Permeable Pavers

As a 2008 grant recipient, the City of Warrenville reconstructed 0.6 miles of Warrenville Road using a permeable paver surface. The project involved the construction of Phase II and III of a three-phased roadway reconstruction enhancement project using a permeable brick surface. The work began near the intersection of Warrenville Road and the Illinois Prairie Path, extending approximately 0.6 miles east to Curtis Ave. Phase I - not funded by this grant - included approximately 0.4 miles of permeable brick pavers from Curtis Avenue to Behrs Circle Drive. 

The scope of work involved the removal and excavation of existing asphalt and subgrade material. The existing infrastructure such as the stormwater pipe(s), and utilities were relocated, repaired or replaced as necessary. Stone aggregate was back-filled and leveled. Concrete edging was installed for paver support and the permeable pavers were installed to meet final grade. The project directly benefited the West Branch DuPage River by reducing runoff rate and volume into the watershed and minimizing the potential causes and sources of water quality impairments. The permeable paver road construction will reduce the runoff rate by increasing the travel time it takes for runoff to reach stormwater management facilities and drainage structures. Runoff volume will be reduced by providing opportunities for runoff to infiltrate the permeable underlying soil beneath the permeable brick surface.