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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Interactive Map Gallery


NOTICE: The DuPageMaps Interactive Web Mapping Application will be retired May 31st 2016 . Please use the New Parcel Viewer in our DuPage Maps Portal. Select "A" Parcel Viewer for DuPage County Illinois.

DuPage County, Illinois: Interactive Web Mapping Application "DuPageMaps".

Use "DuPageMaps" to search for parcel data, unincorporated zoning data, topographic data, district data, soils data, floodplain data, bike way data, benchmark data (Benchmarks: See *Notice below for Benchmark Data) and imagery from 1978 to the most current year available.

How to use DuPageMaps: After you launch the web mapping application click on "Proceed to DuPageMaps Web Site". Click on the red "Help" button, and then click on the red " How To Use Map" button. This will open or download a PDF document showing you how to use the application.
Helpful Information: You may need to install or upgrade software (Example: Adobe Flash Player) on your computer to view DuPageMaps. If you have popup blocker turned on certain functions in the DuPageMaps web application will not operate properly.

G.V.C.N. Interactive Map

DuPage County, Illinois: Geodetic Vertical Control Network (G.V.C.N.) Interactive Map (Otherwise known as DuPage County "Benchmark" data has been combined with the new DuPageMaps interactive web mapping application shown above.)

Benchmark help document: How To: Locate a DuPage County Benchmark. Please use this PDF help document to find, select and print DuPage County benchmark information using the DuPageMaps interactive web mapping application

NEW: DuPage County benchmark data can now be accesses through the DuPage Maps Portal . This “Portal” can be opened on a Smartphone. Please open this PDF document for additional information on  How to access NAVD88 Benchmark data using a Smartphone

 *Notice Benchmark Data as of: April 25, 2012
DuPage County has upgraded its benchmark system from the North American Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 (NGVD29) to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD88). DuPageMaps has been updated to reflect the new NAVD88 benchmarks. Benchmarks in NGVD29 are no longer available.

(NAVD88) DuPage County, Illinois: Geodetic Vertical Network Interactive Map  

Note: If you locate a benchmark in the field and it is not shown in the new NAVD88 benchmark web mapping application, it’s either an old NGVD29 benchmark (which is no longer supported or available from the County of DuPage) or it may be a local village benchmark.

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