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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Employment Opportunity: Legal/Court Services

Title: Drug Testing Technician

Closing Date: Until Filled

Department: Probation and Court Services

Hours: Full-Time: Monday-Friday

Salary: $34,248 annually

The responsibilities of this position include:
•    Accompanies clients during collection of urine
•    Ensures purity of sample
•    Operates automated drug testing equipment
•    Maintains logs of samples
•    Performs quality checks and minor calibration on equipment
•    Reports test results to appropriate parties
•    Enters results into data base
•    Maintains inventory and assists with supply orders
•    Prepares written reports and records on an ongoing basis
•    Assists with routine laboratory maintenance and clean up as needed
•    May be called to testify in court
•    Maintains chain-of-custody and system integrity

Requirements for this position include:
•    Good knowledge of standard laboratory operating procedures
•    Good knowledge of routine laboratory testing techniques
•    Good knowledge of accurate record maintenance
•    Must be detail and multi-task oriented
•    Some knowledge of ordering, stocking and inventory procedures
•    Ability to stand & sit for long periods of time
•    Ability to lift 50 lbs water containers
•    Good working skill in verbal and/or written communications
•    Basic computer and data entry skills
•    Bi-Lingual (English/Spanish) is preferred
•    Certified Nursing Certificate (CNA) is preferred

Applications accepted until position is filled.

PLEASE NOTE:  Applications for this position should be submitted to:

Department of Probation & Court Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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DuPage County is an Equal Opportunity Employer