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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Water Division

DuPage County's Water Division owns and operates six water facilities in unincorporated sections of the County. They are: The Southeast Regional Water Facility, in Darien: Steeple Run Water System, in Lisle; the Greene Road System, in Woodridge; the Glen Ellyn Heights Water System, in Glen Ellyn; the North Region Water Facility, in Itasca; and the York Center Community Cooperative Water Supply, in Lombard. They serve a combined population of 18,000, pumping over 630 million gallons of water a year through approximately 75 miles of pipe.

Water treatment varies among the facilities from simple chemical additions of chlorine and fluoride to more sophisticated technologies including iron filtration, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ion exchange softening. The type of treatment is based on the raw water characteristics, the amount of product water required, and the availability of capital funding. The County has joined the DuPage Water Commission in 2008, making Lake Michigan water available to out water customers. In early 2008 the County's Southeast Regional Water Facility converted its entire groundwater source to a Lake Michigan water supply. Then in 2010 the County converted the Hobson Valley and Glen Ellyn Heights water systems to Lake Michigan Water.

All County Water Division systems comply with Illinois Environmental Protection Agency regulatory policies. This includes regular bacteriological and contaminant testing of wells and distribution points in accordance with IEPA guidelines.

The North Region Water Facility's nanofiltration treatment upgrade was completed in 1996. This system utilizes a selective membrane-based cross-flow filtration process for the removal of contaminants responsible for water hardness and discoloration. Customers receive water with a hardness of three grains per gallon.

It is the goal of the DuPage County Water Division to constantly improve customer water quality and service. If you have questions, concerns or would like further information about the previously mentioned water systems, please contact us at 630.964.7207.

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