The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

A Letter From DuPage County Treasurer Gwen Henry

Dear Fellow Taxpayers:

This guide is provided to help you with the property tax process.  Our office, serving DuPage County, was created by the Illinois Constitution to ensure that we are able to function as an independent Constitutional Office.  This independence makes certain that our citizens, local government and state agencies are all treated equitably and fairly by our office. 

The collections and distributions of taxes handled through our office for the past year exceeded $2.6 billion.  We were able to carry out this responsibility with knowledgeable team members and innovative data support.  This work is carried out at our Wheaton location with the support of a 24/7 website service center.

The 2013 tax bills reflect adjustments to your property's assessed value.  The average across the County was a 5.4% decrease in assessed value.  The average tax bill reflects a 3.96% increase.  As always, this varies with where you live in the County.

You will notice that the Senior Homestead Exemption increased by $1,000 for 2013.  If you were at least 65 during 2013, you are eligible for the exemption.  This is not automatically granted, so please check to make sure you are receiving it if you are eligible.  To date, 55,061 exemptions have been granted.  Do not miss out if you are eligible.

We have improved our online payment processing.  We have included a flyer on the "epayment" process.  We are often asked how to contact the taxing bodies represented on your bill.  Our website provides a link for these taxing bodies.

You are always invited to call 630-407-5900 or email us at for tax payment assistance or suggestions for improving our service.  We have added an additional email for assistance with exemptions and specific questions regarding your bill.



Gwen Henry, CPA

DuPage County Treasurer 


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