The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois



Domestic Short Hair


2 Years

Hi there, I am Gucci! I’m sharing my room with my best bud, Princess! We’ve been together our entire lives, since the beginning, and I’m hoping that never changes. As Princess roams the streets of the cat room, I enjoy staying back and letting all the humans give me a scratching! I cannot get enough of a head rub, and I will head-butt your hand until the sun goes down! If you scratch me underneath my ears, you will think there’s a motorboat in the house! Just like Princess, I have this awesome grey coat! But, what’s even cooler is that I have a breathtaking white covering that scans the turf of my chest. All that truly matters in my opinion is what I can do for you. I assure you that I will provide your mind and heart with a special, unexplainable feeling. If you come here and adopt both me and Princess, then we will forever be in your debt; we owe our lives to you. Our only goal is to be adopted into a new, forever home, and whoever decides to swoop right in and bring us to their palace will never regret it. It’s a win-win situation, so come down, save our lives, and we may save yours too.

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