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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

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Information Technology Department

IT Mission Statement

The mission of the I.T. department is to deliver efficient, effective and reliable technology solutions and services in a cost effective manner to advance the service objectives of County staff, elected officials, and the business community. At the same time, safeguard the integrity of information critical to the operation of the County and its partners in public service.

Strategic Technology Plan - 2013 10-Year Plan

In 2013, DuPage County began implementation of a new $7.1M Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Even though the implementation has just begun, a need was recognized to start thinking about future plans to upgrade existing, or implement new technology systems. To that end, the Chief Information Officer began a strategic technology planning process.  The process began by identifying significant technology projects and upgrades, and significant annual operating expenses for technology systems over the next 10-year period. Parameters were set that projects needed to link to the County's goal of being more efficient and effective. Examples of significant projects and associated operating expenses include public safety systems, integration projects, document management systems, court systems, integrated justice systems, and GIS systems. The next step in the process was to present the plan to the Technology Committee for comments, which was completed with no comments from members of the Committee.

In the future, this Strategic Technology Plan (STP) will be updated annually as part of the strategic planning process. The STP is not a budget; however, it will serve as a blueprint for future planning. Like any planning or budgeting process, projects must be included in the STP to be funded in future budgets.    

View the Strategic Technology Plan (PDF)

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