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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Animal Information

Abby Abby Abby Abby Abby Abby

Domestic Short Hair
10 Years
Location: Foster Home

Abby is one of our longest-term residents, having arrived at the shelter in October. At 10 years old, sweet Abby had known one owner her whole life. She clearly was loved and well cared for but sadly her owner was moving out of the country. Abby prefers a home with no other cats but is not bothered by a respectful dog that will give her space. Abby will let you pick her up and carry her on your shoulder, if you reach down for her she’ll lift both front legs to be picked up and she’ll happily sit on your shoulder to snuggle or even to be carried around! Many months in a cage were affecting her sweet disposition and making her irritable; a few weeks in foster have given her the chance to rest and rejuvenate and she is sweet as can be. Abby loves the comforts of a home and will often seek out the softest pillow or warmest spot in front of the heating vent. Abby is 10 years old but has quite a bit of spunk in her and enjoys a good play session with a wand toy. After that she is happy to curl up on your lap to watch some TV or read a good book. Abby is very social and follows her foster mom around the house, she looks forward to evening cuddle time and would do perfectly in a quieter home with a person to call her own. For more information please call 630-407-2800 or email