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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Rabbit Care and Husbandry

Next to dogs and cats, rabbits are the next most commonly surrendered animal. Through a generous grant from the PetSmart Foundation, it will be possible for Animal Services to spay/neuter domesticated rabbits that are adopted from our shelter, ensuring that our adopted animals don’t have unwanted litters.

Small Animal Veterinarians

When caring for small or exotic animals ensure that you choose a veterinarian that specializes in those animals. Each exotic animal requires  individualized care. Below we have added a list of veterinarians in Chicago and surrounding areas that have experience treating small or exotic animals

Handling and Housing

Rabbits are social animals who like to explore, so building a positive relationship with handling can be beneficial for both of you. Not all rabbits enjoy being picked up. Many may tolerate handling but may still struggle when trying to lift them. Begin the handling process as soon as possible and remember to be calm and gentle. Your rabbit will spend a large portion of their life in their housing area, so it is important that the house meets all of their needs. The lack of space or wrong housing materials can cause serious health issues and behavioral problems.

Tips on Handling

Examples of housing

Nutrition and Diet

Rabbits have an specialized digestive system that requires the correct balance of foods to keep them healthy and their digestive system working efficiently. Each rabbits diet will vary based on several factors including their age, size, environment, and activity level. Their diet should be made up of good quality pellets, fresh hay, water, and fresh leafy greens. 

Diet Guideline