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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

DuPage County Animal Services In-Kennel Enrichment Program

What is In-Kennel Enrichment?

In-Kennel Enrichment is a program designed to provide an interesting, complex, stimulating, and changing setting that encourages shelter animals to explore, learn, and engage. This activity allows animals to be well both mentally and physically. Providing In-Kennel Enrichment reduces stress and works to eliminate stereotypical behaviors that can arise in a static shelter environment. 

Why is Enrichment Needed?

In-Kennel Enrichment is important in a shelter. Shelter animals live in a stressful environment full of strange noises, smells, and they are missing the comfort of the homes and families they left behind. Shelter animals spend most of their day confined where they have little to no control over their environment. This lack of control in a small space where the animals are mentally and physically under-stimulated can lead to boredom, anxiety, and the development of behavioral problems. A successful enrichment program can reduce stress and promote the physical and psychological well-being of shelter animals.

Successful Enrichment Programs

Provide for the physical and psychological well-being of shelter animals by:

  • reducing stress
  • providing physical and mental stimulation
  • allowing animals more control over their environment
  • preventing the development of abnormal behavior

Enrichment at DuPage County Animal Services

DCAS strives to provide a comfortable and enriching environment to all animals in our care. We do this by working together to develop an effective enrichment program designed to reduce stress and improve quality of life for all animals that come through our door. 

To view our enrichment projects please click on the links below.

DuPage County Animal Services is always in need of items used for our enrichment program. Please see the lists below for items that are most needed. The animals appreciate your help!

Cat Enrichment WishlistDog Enrichment Wish List