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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Humane Education Programs

We are currently offering virtual and offsite programs. In an effort to follow best practices recommended by the CDC for social distancing, we are unable to offer tours or onsite programs at this time. We will continue to evaluate the situation closely and make a determination regarding onsite programs as appropriate. 

For more information on booking Animal Services programs to your location, please contact Laura Winnie at 630.407.2808 or

Turn the Education Flyer into an Origami Cat

Did you pick up one of our education flyers? You can make an origami cat by following this video: 

Public Programs

Learn with us from the comfort of your home! Visit our Calendar to see the next available dates and sign up for our public webinars: 

  • Are You Ready for a Rabbit? - Are you thinking of adding a bun to your family? Get all the info you need to be a great bunny parent! Understand how to best house, feed, and interact with a rabbit so you are prepared.
  • Are you Ready for a Red-Eared Slider? - Many families add red-eared slider turtles to their families during the summer. But what do these aquatic animals need? Learn all about these animals and how to care for them.
  • Canine Concerns - They’re our best friends, but there’s a lot we don’t understand about dogs. Learn about common dog behaviors, the natural instincts behind them, and how to manage those behaviors that aren’t so fun to live with.
  • Choosing a Pet Professional - We all need pet professionals: dog walkers, groomers, trainers, veterinarians etc. How those professionals work with the animals is extremely important. Learn what to look for in an animal care professional.
  • Compassionate Citizen Crash Course - Explore ways you can make a positive difference for animals in your community and beyond. This program discusses prevention of animal cruelty through direct actions and consumer choices we make every day.
  • DIY Enrichment - Bring snacks (for you and your pet) and bring your craft supplies! Create some easy enrichment items for your furry friends!
  • Feathered Friends - From tiny hummingbirds to enormous eagles, learn all about Chicagoland’s native birds and how we can live peacefully with these wonderful animals.
  • Kitty Concerns: Common Behavior Issues and What to Do - We love cats, but sometimes we don’t understand them! Learn about common cat behaviors and the natural instincts behind them. Get some tips on how to work with your feline friend to make everyone comfortable and content.
  • Our Wild Neighbors - Separate fact from fiction about Chicagoland’s wildlife. Understand how you can protect these fascinating animals and live in harmony.
  • Pet Training 101 - From basic manners to advanced tricks, we’ll share some tips to help unlock your pet’s potential. 
  • S.H.E.D: 4 Necessities for Healthy & Happy Pets - What does my pet need? What pet is right for me? Join us for an exploration of pet needs including shelter, healthcare, exercise, and diet.
  • S.H.E.D: 4 Necessities for Small Pets - Explore the needs (shelter, healthcare, exercise, and diet) of smaller pets: guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, bearded dragons, parakeets, and more!
  • Solutions with Animal Services - Learn about the services provided by DuPage County Animal Services and the many ways we protect animals and serve humans.
  • Wags to Whiskers: Animal Communication - Uncover the unspoken language of your pets by learning how to interpret animal body language and get some tips for effective communication.   

    Virtual Education Library

    Did you miss a public program? All programs are recorded and posted in on our Resource Library page. The DCAS Humane Educator prepared a number of presentations on topics from Choosing The Right Pet For Your Family, Preparing For A Puppy, Animal Training 101 and so much more! 


        Pet First Aid & CPR Courses

        Scout Tours

        Completed registration forms and waivers can be submitted in person or by mail to:

        120 N. County Farm Rd.
        Attn: Laura Winnie    
        Wheaton, IL 60187