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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

 Audit Hotline - Call 630-75-AUDIT

Audit HotlineDuPage County Auditor Bill White is pledged to providing the citizens and taxpayers of the County with timely and pertinent information regarding County operations and a forum, the Audit Hotline, to enable individuals a confidential and secure means to report fraud, waste or misuse of County resources. The taxes you pay are used to operate governmental agencies including your local County government and any fraud, waste and abuse of your tax dollar is unacceptable. Thank you for partnering with the Auditor to make our County government more accountable.

Hotline Operation

The Office of the DuPage County Auditor manages the Audit Hotline. Each complaint is evaluated by professional staff members who determine the course of action based upon the merits of the complaint as well as the available evidence. Complaints submitted to the Audit Hotline are treated confidentially, although upon receipt of a complaint or sometime during the ensuing investigation, it may be necessary to deploy the utilization of and convey the reported information to appropriate local, state, or federal agencies.

Confidentiality Commitment

In accordance with the Office of the DuPage County Auditor, detailed information received pursuant to a report of fraud, waste or abuse or any ongoing investigation thereof shall be considered work papers of the Office and shall be confidential. Individuals should know however, that such information may become known during the course of any investigation or as required by law. Whether you report anonymously or not, the County Auditor's Office will treat your report confidentially.