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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Message from the County Auditor

Fellow Citizen:

With a total fiscal year 2020 budget exceeding one-half billion dollars, the scope of the DuPage County budget would rival that of some of the better known private corporations.

In the private sector or business world, as an enterprise grows, the owners of the company become further removed from its day-to-day operations. Their knowledge of what's being done and how it's being done shrinks as the company gets larger. The same is true in County government. As the government grows, taxpayers become less and less familiar with its operations. It becomes harder to distinguish a local gasoline tax from a motor fuel tax; a Circuit Court Clerk from a County Clerk; a Youth Home from a jail; etc. Similarly, citizens often don’t realize that while many agencies may have “DuPage” in their name, they are often administered by different governing boards and operate under different sections of the law.

However, this reduced familiarity with government shouldn't mean that your demand for government accountability should be any less. Quite the opposite is true. As you pay more of your hard earned money to government, you have the right to expect an increased level of accountability for the use of that money.

Providing this accountability is what the Office of the County Auditor is all about. As your independently elected County Auditor, I ask questions that you would ask: Where are the County's revenues being spent? How are they being spent? Are County departments operating efficiently and effectively? What improvements in operations can be made to save tax dollars? Are County resources properly protected?

To accomplish this, Illinois state law has prescribed that my Office is to maintain a continuous internal audit of the operations and financial records of the officers, agents or divisions of the County.  In DuPage County, this responsibility includes the departments under the administration of the DuPage County Board and eight County-wide Elected Officials.

This website is furnished as a public service to provide insight into the functions of the Office of the DuPage County Auditor. If you have any questions regarding DuPage County government, feel free to call me at 630-407-6075, or email me at I have also established an Audit Hotline at 75-AUDIT (630-752-8348) for you to report any questions or concerns you may have about the waste, fraud or abuse of DuPage County government resources.

If I can't provide a direct answer to your questions, I will refer you to someone who can.

Bob Grogan, CPA, CFE
County Auditor