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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Comments & Feedback Regarding Service

In order to serve you better, we ask that you please take a few moments to check one response to each number and add any comments below. All information will be treated confidentially.

  1. When I contacted the department, I was provided with all pertinent information and/or
    was connected to someone who could give me the information I needed.



  2. I was greeted politely and professionally at the Kiosk where I was provided information
    and handouts while checking in.



  3. The Building, Zoning and Drainage office and inspection staff treated me courteously
    and professionally. (Please indicate which division applies)



  4. My permit was processed and my Building and Drainage inspections were performed
    in a timely manner. (Please indicate which division applies)



  5. How would you rate your overall experience?