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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Aging and Disability Services


Family Caregiver Resource Center

Funded through the Older American's Act, the Family Caregiver Resource Center gives caregivers in DuPage County access to Title IIIE Caregiver Assistance, Respite and Gap-Filling services. Caregiver services are available to informal or family caregivers of persons over the age of 60 or to grandparents raising grandchildren. Services can include respite care (services that give caregivers a rest), home modification, assistive devices, transportation and financial assistance.

The 3 forms of assistance available through the Family Caregiver Resource Center are:

Caregiver Assistance assesses the problems faced by the informal caregiver of an older person or of a grandparent raising grandchildren and offers information on opportunities and services that are available to them.

Caregiver Respite provides temporary, short term respite to provide brief periods of rest or relief to family caregivers of older persons and to grandparents raising grandchildren. Older care recipients must demonstrate a need for assistance with at least two Activities of Daily Living (this does not apply to grandparents raising grandchildren). Respite can be in the form of in-home care, adult day services or day care for grandchildren, respite at a senior guest home, or institutional care. The caregiver can choose the provider of their choice as long as they have a legitimate tax ID# and the care meets the definitions of the program. Funds for this service are limited and priority is given to those in the greatest social and economic need.

Caregiver Gap-Filling provides funds to assist caregivers who have emergency types of needs that must be met in order to provide care for the older person or in raising their grandchildren. This can include emergency support, transportation, home renovations or adaptive equipment. Funds for this service are limited and priority is given to those in greatest social and economic need.