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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program is designed to protect and promote the rights and quality of life for those persons who reside in long term care facilities and in licensed assisted living facilities. Ombudsman is a Swedish word meaning citizen's representative. The Long Term Care Ombudsman staff are advocates who seek to resolve complaints on behalf of people who reside in a long term care facility or licensed assisted living. Information is provided about nursing homes, payment methods, and resident's rights. A regular presence is maintained in all DuPage County licensed facilities. Problems and complaints are investigated and resolved.

Ombudsman represent and advocate for nursing facility residents. The Ombudsman receives, investigates and attempts to resolve all concerns and/or complaints regarding the care of residents; visits all facilities on a regular basis; and provides information and educates residents, family members and other concerned citizens. A booklet of nursing facilities in DuPage County and the surrounding area is available from Senior Citizen Services. The service is available to all persons over the age of 60 at no cost.

DuPage County Senior Services administers the Ombudsman Program for DuPage County. We also publish a directory of long term care facilities in DuPage County with suggestions on how to select a nursing home.

DuPage County Senior Services "Long Term Care Ombudsman Program " recruits volunteers as resident advocates to visit DuPage County nursing facilities. Volunteers are assigned to a nursing facility and are required to visit that facility one time per month. Volunteers make a difference in the lives of those they represent and enjoy knowing they have impacted positively on the quality of life for those residents. Volunteers receive a one-day training course and supervised training visits to a nursing facility. If questions or concerns arise the volunteers have the expertise of DuPage County Ombudsman staff to draw from. If interested in becoming a trained volunteer Ombudsman one can contact Senior Services, 630-407-6489.

Another component of this program is the Home and Community Ombudsman Program for seniors age 60 plus and adults age 18-59 with disabilities.  This program expands advocacy for eligible individuals who are receiving services in their home if:

  • They receive home services through one of the Medicaid waiver programs or
  • Are Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries with managed care services.

​Advocacy services include:

  • providing information about home care and managed care;​
  • Promoting access to home care services,
  • advocating for more long term care options
  • identifying, investigating and resolving complaints about Medicaid waiver and managed care services.