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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Press Release

Contact Information: Johnna Kelly 630-407-6022

Thursday, September 4, 2014

DuPage County Regional Office of Education and Scarce to host Environmental Health Seminar

The DuPage County Regional Office of Education and SCARCE will host two Environmental Health Basics Seminars on Thursday, Sept. 25. The goal is to educate residents about environmental pollutants.

Attendees at both seminars will learn how and why children are more susceptible to environmental pollutants in indoor environments. The Environmental Health Basics Seminar is for those who work with children, including educators, daycare providers, preschool directors or coaches.

Both presentations will discuss issues that contribute to environmental exposures in schools such as improper use of chemicals in science and art classes, school facility maintenance, indoor air quality, pest control, environmental asthma triggers, radon and mold. The sessions will also identify low-cost/no-cost measures, programs and resources available to prevent or reduce environmental exposures.

“These forums will bring together health professionals, teachers, school leaders and the general public to discuss pollutants and potential health risks in and around our school buildings. This type of continuing education and staff development allows us to keep up with the latest information and educate our children in the safest possible environments,” said Dr. Darlene Ruscitti, Regional Superintendent of the DuPage Regional Office of Education.

Guest speakers will include Susan Buchanan, MD, MPH, director of Great Lakes Center for Children’s Environmental Health and assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Public Health, in addition to Maryann Suero, PhD, environmental health scientist and children’s health program manager at the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The first seminar will be held at 1 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 25 at the DuPage County Regional Office of Education’s Center for Professional Learning, 1519 South Grace Street, Lombard. The same seminar will be repeated at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 25 at Wheaton Park District’s Community Center Auditorium, 1777 South Blanchard Street, Wheaton.

The Environmental Health Basics Seminar is free to attend and is open to the public. Teachers will be eligible for two CPDUS.

Register at or call (630) 545-9710.