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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Press Release

Contact Information: Evan Shields (630) 407-6022

Thursday, February 23, 2017

DuPage County Announces 2017 Highway Construction Projects

The DuPage County Division of Transportation (DuDOT) recently announced upcoming highway construction projects for 2017.

The construction program focuses on improving the County’s infrastructure in places where it is aging. Improvements include pavement patching/resurfacing, pavement striping, bridge repairs and traffic signal maintenance.

The following roadways will be resurfaced to improve rideability and extend their useful life: Bloomingdale Road from North Avenue to Geneva Road; St. Charles Road from Bloomingdale Road to Geneva Road; Geneva Road/St. Charles Road from Western Avenue to Riford Road; Glen Ellyn Road from Fullerton Avenue to Army Trail Road; Ferry Road from River Road to Illinois 59; Raymond Drive from Ferry Road to Ogden Avenue; Greenbrook Boulevard from County Farm Road to Lake Street; and, 63rd Street from Interstate 355 to Williams Street.

In addition, portions of County Farm Road and 75th Street are being improved to enhance safety. County Farm Road at Schick Road will be upgraded to include a northbound right-turn lane and the signals will be modernized. Between Schick Road and Lake Street, County Farm Road will be resurfaced and a four-foot corrugated median will be placed through the “S” curve, south of Ontarioville Road, to better separate opposing traffic flows.

On 75th Street at Book Road, the existing left turn lanes will be lengthened, a southbound right turn lane will be added and the signals along 75th Street will be modernized to include “left-turn on arrow only” lights.

“Safety is the number one priority for DuPage County,” said Donald Puchalski, Transportation Committee Chairman. “The projects along County Farm Road and 75th Street at Book Road are intended to reduce accidents and better ensure the safety of motorists and our citizens.” 

Other construction projects include improvements along Powis Road at Illinois 64 and retrofitting existing street lights and traffic signals to LED. In total, the DuDOT 2017 construction program is $21.3 million.

For more information about individual construction projects or the Division of Transportation’s 2017 construction program, go to /dot/construction.