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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Cremation Permits

The Coroner must issue a Permit to Cremate when cremation is planned for your loved one.

When the remains to be cremated are not subject to an investigation by the Coroner, a funeral director must present a signed Medical Certificate of Death when requesting a cremation permit. The case is reviewed by a staff member to verify that the death should have been certified by the attending doctor. If all appears in order the cremation permit is issued. If there are questions regarding a death, those questions will need to be resolved by further investigation before a permit is issued.

When the Coroner is investigating a death, the permit to cremate will only be issued after the Coroner is completely satisfied that all investigative procedures necessary for a proper and thorough investigation have been completed. A temporary death certificate is prepared and filed with Vital Records at the DuPage County Health Department, and a Cremation Permit will also be issued.