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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois


No information will be released on any cases until the investigation is complete. When the case is closed, the following items will be released upon request. The cost shown is per report unless otherwise noted:

The State of Illinois has set the following fees for the Coroner’s Office:

  • Copy of transcript of sworn testimony ($5.00 per page)
  • Copy of an autopsy report ($50.00)
  • Copy of verdict of Coroner's jury ($5.00)
  • Copy of toxicology report ($25.00)
  • Copy of Coroner's report ($25.00)
  • Print of or electronic file containing a picture ($3.00 per picture)
  • Miscellaneous Reports ($25.00)
  • Certification Letter ($15.00)
  • Cremation permit ($50.00)

Public Information Policy

Fees for the above items when released for copying are controlled by Public Act 84-337 of the Illinois Revised Statutes as stated above, effective July 22, 2010. Payment must be received in advance. 

Sec. 4-7001. Coroner's fees. The fees of the coroner's office shall be as follows:
1. For a copy of a transcript of sworn testimony: $5.00 per page.
2. For a copy of an autopsy report (if not included in transcript): $50.00.
3. For a copy of the verdict of a coroner's jury: $5.00.
4. For a copy of a toxicology report: $25.00.
5. For a print of or an electronic file containing a picture obtained by the coroner: actual cost or $3.00, whichever is greater.
6. For each copy of miscellaneous reports, including artist's drawings but not including police reports: actual cost or $25.00, whichever is greater.
7. For a coroner's or medical examiner's permit to cremate a dead human body: $50.00.

The coroner may waive, at his or her discretion, the permit fee if the coroner determines that the person is indigent and unable to pay the permit fee or under other special circumstances.