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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Press Release

Friday, May 12, 2017

DuPage County Coroner Issues Correction of Naperville Sun Article


DuPage County Coroner Richard Jorgensen corrects the conclusions expressed in headline and content of an article published today by the Naperville Sun. The article was written by Bill Byrd Contact Reporter under the headline, "Woman killed in crash with Naperville cop at fault: coroner"

During his inquiry into the incident Contact Reporter Bill Byrd reviewed the Coroner Investigation into the death of Mrs. Phylis Manderson. As Mr. Byrd stated the deputy investigating the case reported information that he received from another source regarding Ms. Manderson's driving on the night of question. However, at no point in our investigative reports was a conclusion made as to fault. It is the obligation and duty of the Coroner's Office to identify deceased persons, notify next of kin and then determine the cause and manner of death. It is not within the scope or authority of the Coroner's Office to assess fault. Any investigation of fault is the prerogative of the independent investigating agency currently reviewing this incident. This investigation is ongoing and not completed, as stated in the article


We publish this statement to correct the record for the family, friends of those involved and of the Naperville community who may have read this article.