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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Press Release

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Do Good DuPage

This year, we’re asking, “What would happen if our entire county committed to “doing good?”

I hope you’ll join me and the folks at Giving DuPage as we kick off the largest service project in DuPage history.  

During this year-long campaign, we hope to get 150,000 people involved, committing to doing a “good deed,” then sharing on social media or online using the hashtag #DoGoodDuPage to encourage volunteerism, kindness and community building. We’re looking for families to create great memories by volunteering together and for schools to make service their motto. We want faith and community leaders to inspire their members to put donation at the top of their weekly list of things to do, whether it be donating their time, talents or treasure.

I’d like to see business and civic leaders join me in friendly competition to outdo each other in doing good for our communities.” There are 15 service ideas that people can sign up for in the following categories: Volunteering, Donating Items, Creating Awareness or Celebrating Volunteers.

Watch our video at and check out the Giving DuPage website to learn more

Thanks for joining me in this important effort.