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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission members are appointed by the County Board

What they do

It is the goal of DuPage County to guarantee fair, efficient and honest government to ensure the integrity and objectivity of its Chairman, County Board Members and employees.

The purpose of the Ethics Commission is to meet as a hearing body to consider complaints regarding unethical conduct. The Commission does promulgate rules and procedures, but that is only incidental to the hearing process.

The purpose of the Ethics Adviser is to provide guidance to the Chairman, any County Board Member or employee in the interpretation and implementation of the Ethics Ordinance.

The purpose of the Investigator General is to receive and conduct the initial review of complaints for the Ethics Commission, and who acts as prosecutor of a complaint, if a hearing is conducted.

For a more detail explanations of each member duties and responsibility go to the Ethics Ordinance - Powers and Duties.


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Who they are

The Ethics Commission is a five member board. The term of each commissioner will be two years. The Ethics commission shall have jurisdiction over the Chairman, County Board Members and employees of DuPage County.

The Members consists of:


  • Robert La Deur


  • Todd Benson
  • Michele Clemen
  • The Honorable John W. Demling

Ethics Adviser

  • Daniel Hanlon

Investigator General

  • Nancy J. Wolfe