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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

How To File an Ethics Complaint or Alleged Violation Under the Jurisdiction of the County Board

Where to file an Ethics Complaint or Alleged Violation

If any employee reasonably believes that evidence exists that a violation of the Ethics Ordinance has occurred, it should immediately be brought to the attention of the DuPage County Investigator General:

Ethics Complaint Form (PDF)

Ethics complaints should be submitted in writing to:

Nancy J. Wolfe, DuPage County Investigator General
P.O. Box 338
Wayne, IL 60184

Ethics complaints brought to the attention of anyone other than the Investigator General must be submitted to the Investigator General immediately.

PDF documents can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader application which can be downloaded at Adobe's website.

Information to include in the Ethics Complaint

  • The Complaint must be in writing, signed by the person filing the complaint and shall describe in detail the violation including a list of all witnesses to the violation.
  • Complaint must include Complainant's name and contact information, including their mailing address, telephone number and electronic mail address, if any.
  • Complainant must describe why they believe this is a violation of the DuPage County Ethics Ordinance.

Whistleblower Protection

Any person who, acting in good faith, submits a complaint pursuant to the Ethics Ordinance shall have all of the protections against retaliation afforded to a whistleblower under the provisions of the Ordinance and the laws of the State of Illinois, and his or her identity shall be kept confidential and may not be disclosed without his or her consent, unless the disclosure of the person's identity is otherwise required by law.  However, the disclosure of the identity of a complainant in any capacity other than as the source of an allegation is not prohibited, and, notwithstanding any other provision of the Ordinance or the laws of the State of Illinois, the Investigator General is authorized to, as he or she deems appropriate, provide any and all information, including the identity of a complainant, to any administrative or law enforcement agency with jurisdiction to investigate any suspected criminality or other impropriety that may come to his or her attention.  Should any of adverse action or retaliation occur as a result of a report, it should be immediately reported to the DuPage County Investigator General.