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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

U46/509 Property Tax Adjustments

The 2014 tax rates for U-46 and College 509 (payable in 2015) for DuPage County taxpayers have been adjusted to correct the tax burden shift seen on the 2013 tax bills (paid in 2014).  

The Illinois Department of Revenue collects data from all three counties (Cook, DuPage and Kane) and calculates a tax burden for U-46 and College 509 to ensure all residents in the district are taxed appropriately.

The Illinois Department of Revenue's tax burden, certified to the three counties used in calculating the 2013 tax bill, was incorrect.  The incorrect burden shifted more to the DuPage County taxpayer and thus the 2013 tax rates for U-46 and College 509 were higher than they should have been.

Illinois Statute 35 ILCS 200/18-155 states that if this happens, then an adjustment will be made to the following year's tax rate to correct the DuPage County taxpayer's amount.

Effective May 1, adjustments can be viewed through the Property Info portal for parcels in Wayne Township (01).​