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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Mental Illness Court Alternative Program (MICAP) Contact Information

Court is held every Friday at 9:00a.m. in Court Room #4001

The Honorable James Konetski presiding

Program Manager

Bernadine Howard, LCSW
Phone: (630) 407-8448

Assistant State's Attorney

Cathy Nusgart
Phone: (630) 407-8038

Assistant Public Defender

Andrea Neumann
Phone: (630) 407-8300

Probation Officer Supervisor

Jean Solon 
Phone: (630) 407-8846 

Senior Probation Officers

Amy Kohlmann, M.A., LCPC
Phone: (630) 407-8391

Deena Kuranda
Phone: (630) 407-8450

Probation Officer

Ericah Villiesse, M.A.
Phone: (630) 407-2555

The Probation Department is located on the first floor of 503 N. County Farm Road, just west of the cafeteria.

MICAP Clinician

Andy O'Brien, LCPC, CADC
DuPage County Health Department
111. N. County Farm Road
(630) 221-7528

Drug Court Fax

(630) 407-8501