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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Standing Order Concerning Telephonic Appearances for Courtroom 2010


As a means to increase efficiencies and reduce costs to participants, telephonic appearances are hereby allowed for parties and attorneys on cases assigned to Courtroom 2018 or Courtroom 2010.  Telephonic appearances are limited to non-evidentiary appearances, including Agreed Orders, Status Calls, presentation of Motions and uncontested Motions.  Telephonic appearances are not allowed for hearings.

Scheduling and Notice

  1. All telephonic appearances are to be made through CourtCall, an independent conference servicing company.
  2. CourtCall facilitates the telephonic appearance of attorneys at hearings which have already been scheduled by regular means with the court.  CourtCall does not set or calendar hearings for the court.
  3. Telephonic appearances must be arranged by contacting CourtCall by phone at (888)882-6878 or on-line at at least three (3) court days preceding a hearing date.  CourtCall will provide participants with a written confirmation of their telephonic appearance and a number to call to make telephonic appearance.
  4. Attorneys electing to make a telephonic appearance should notify all other counsel or parties of the same either via email or, by telephone not less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled hearing date.

Appearance Procedure

  1. it is the responsibility of the attorney making a telephone appearance to dial into the call no later than five (5) minutes prior to any scheduled hearing(s).
  2. An attorney appearing telephonically shall state his or her name for the record each time he or she speaks and shall participate in the hearing with the same degree of courtesy and courtroom etiquette as is required for a personal appearance.
  3. to ensure the quality of the record, the use of car phones, cellular phones, speakerphones, public telephone booths, or phones in other public places is prohibited.
  4. If an attorney schedules a telephonic appearance and fails to respond when the matter is called, the court may pass the matter or may treat the failure to respond as a failure to appear.  Scheduling simultaneous telephonic appearances in multiple courts does not excuse a failure to appear.  The court will attempt to reasonably accommodate persons attempting to appear before the court in multiple courtrooms.
  5. After an appearance, whether in person or by telephone, an order must be submitted in conformity with the direction of the court by 10:30 a.m. of the same day as the appearance.  Orders may be submitted in person, by fax to (630) 407-8850 or by email to


CourtCall is an independent service provider.  By using the services of CourtCall, individuals are knowingly entering into a service agreement and are subject to follow any additional terms and conditions imposed by CourtCall and shall be solely responsible for any costs or other expenses incurred for those services provided.  Under no circumstance shall the court bear any costs for any telephonic appearance.  CourtCall charges each participant a fee of $60.00 for each CourtCall Appearance.  There are subscription fees.

Rejections, Refunds, and Suspension of Privileges

  1. The fact that a telephonic appearance is scheduled with CourtCall shall not be construed as a determination that the telephonic appearance is permitted by the court.  Attorneys are solely responsible for compliance with the court's rules and procedures for telephonic appearances.  The court reserves the right, at any time, to reject any telephonic in violation of this rule or as otherwise necessary for the administration of justice.  When the court rejects a telephonic appearance, it shall order a refund of the deposited telephonic appearance fee and send notice of the same to CourtCall, LLC.
  2. The court shall also reserve the right to halt any telephonic appearance on any matter and order the attorneys to personally appear at a later date and time, in which case no refund is permitted.
  3. The court reserves the right and sole discretion to suspend any person's ability to appear telephonically using CourtCall's services.





For information about CourtCall please call CourtCall, not the participating Courtroom!!