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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

What Can I Put in the Recycle Bin?

Knowing what can and cannot be placed into a recycling bin at home can be confusing. Below are items accepted in all curbside recycling programs in DuPage County. Plastic #1 & #2 are the typical recyclable plastics, but it is important to note that every municipality has specific information regarding additional plastic types they accept. To find out which plastics your community accepts visit,, and click on your municipal link. Residents that contract their own waste hauling should contact their hauler directly for a full list of acceptable recyclables. 

Always - Clean Items Only

Aluminum cans
Plastic bottles
Tin Cans
Glass bottles
Paper/Junk Mail/Magazines


Recycling contaminants are any item that leads to machine damage, diminished quality, or unsafe conditions for recycling workers. Recycling facilities rely on residents to recycle right as they process thousands of items a minute on sorting lines and can not catch all the unacceptable items. By ensuring recyclables are clean, dry, and loose, recycling will continue to have value in trade markets. Below are items that are contaminants in the recycling stream. The links below provide alternate drop-offs to recycling or disposal of these items properly. Please use, to identify recycling opportunities and locations for other household items. 


Additional Resources

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