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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Listing of DuPage County Highways and Trails

Sample DuPage County Highway Sign

Route jurisdictions change from time to time as agreements transferring such responsibilities are executed between agencies through the approval of the Illinois Department of Transportation, Springfield.  

Check back here to confirm the County's jurisdictional highway and trail rights-of-way for maintenance, construction and permitting purposes.

Route #
County Route Name and Limits (From __ To__ )

Plainfield-Naperville Road from 75th St to south County line/87th St

Raymond Drive from Ferry Rd to US-34/Ogden Ave

River Road from Warrenville Rd to Ferry Rd 


Finley Road from IL-56/Butterfield Rd to US-34/Ogden Ave

Belmont Road from US-34/Ogden Ave to 63rd St

Hobson Road from 63rd to Washington St 


Ferry Road from Mill St to Eola Rd

Warrenville Road from Finley Rd to Mill St

Warrenville Road from River Rd to Mill St 


Bloomingdale Road from Village of Roselle/Village of Bloomingdale limits (north of Lake St) to Geneva Rd

Roselle Road from Devon Ave to Village of Roselle/Village of Bloomingdale limits (north of Lake St)


Glen Ellyn Road from Army Trail Rd to IL-64/North Ave

Main Street- Glen Ellyn from IL-64/North Ave to Geneva Rd

Park Boulevard from Buena Vista Blvd to IL-53 


Devon Avenue from east Village of Bartlett limits to S. Bartlett Rd

S. Bartlett Road from Devon Ave to Schick Rd 

7St. Charles Road from IL-53 to IL-64/North Ave 

York Road (North) from Devon Ave to IL-19/Irving Park Rd

York Road (South) from Golf Club entrance to 400' south of Spring Rd

Madison Street from 55th St to I-55 North Frontage Rd/Joliet Rd 


Highland Avenue from IL-56/Butterfield Rd to 39th St

Main Street- Downers Grove from 39th St to US-34/Ogden Ave

Main Street- Downers Grove from 55th St to Valley View Dr

Lemont Road from Valley View Dr to south County line/Bluff Rd 


Arlington Heights Road from Devon Ave to Marino Ct

Prospect Avenue from Marino Ct to IL-19/Irving Park Rd 

11Army Trail Road from IL-53 to Munger Rd 
13Winfield Road from IL-38/Roosevelt Rd to Diehl Rd 
14Eola Road from IL-56/Butterfield Rd to East New York St 

Summit Avenue from IL-38/Roosevelt Rd to IL-56/Butterfield Rd

Midwest Road from IL-56/Butterfield Rd to 35th St

Cass Avenue from 35th St to US-34/Ogden Ave

Cass Avenue from 55th St to Sawmill Creek 


Maple Avenue from Dunham Rd to Naperville Rd

Chicago Avenue from Naperville Rd to Julian St 


Powis Road from IL-64/North Ave to Hawthorne Ln

Hawthorne Lane from Powis Rd to Kress Rd

Kress Road from Hawthorne Ln to IL-38/Roosevelt Rd

Munger Road from Stearns Rd to north County line 

20Grand Avenue from US-20/Lake St to east County line/County Line Rd 

Geneva Road from Main St, Glen Ellyn to Coolidge Ave

Washington Street from Coolidge Ave to IL-59

Fabyan Parkway from IL-38/Roosevelt Rd to west County line 

22Addison Road from IL-19/Irving Park Rd to US-20/Lake St 

Gary Avenue from Elgin-O'Hare Expressway to Jewell Rd

Naperville Road from IL 38/Roosevelt Rd to Ridgeland Ave

Naper Boulevard from Ridgeland Ave to US 34/Ogden Ave 


Medinah Road from Elgin-O'Hare Expressway to Byron Ave

Byron Avenue from Medinah Rd to Walter Dr

Walter Drive from Byron Ave to Army Trail Rd 


Meyers Road from IL-38/Roosevelt Rd to 35th St

Fairview Road from 35th St to US-34/Ogden Ave 

26Thorndale Avenue from N. York Road to 800' west of Park Blvd 

Jewell Road from Gary Ave to County Farm Rd

Highlake Road from Village of Winfield limits (360' west of Shelburne Farms) to Prince Crossing Rd

Prince Crossing Road from Highlake Rd to Geneva Rd 


Wood Dale Road from Devon Ave to US-20/Lake St

Villa Avenue from US-20/Lake St to IL-64/North Ave 

29Stearns Road from S. Bartlett Rd to west County line 

Plainfield Road from east County line/County Line Rd to 83rd St

83rd Street from Plainfield Rd to Lemont Rd

87th Street/Boughton Road from Lemont Rd to west County line 

32Mill Street from Warrenville Rd to US-34/Ogden Ave 
3375th Street from IL-83 to US-34/Ogden Ave 
3431st Street from east County line to Highland Ave 
3555th Street from Dunham Rd to east County line /County Line Rd 
36Schmale Road from Army Trail Rd to Geneva Rd 
3863rd Street from Madison St to Hobson Rd 

Yackley Avenue from Warrenville Rd to Maple Ave

College Road from Maple Ave to Hobson Rd

Wehrli Road from Hobson Rd to 75th St 

41Hobson Road from Belmont Rd to 100' east of Wolfe Dr 
43County Farm Road from US-20/Lake St to IL-38/Roosevelt Rd  

Prairie Path- Aurora Branch from Liberty Dr to west County line

Prairie Path- Main Stem from Carlton Ave to east County line/I-294 

48Prairie Path- Elgin Branch from Liberty St to west County line 
49Prairie Path- Batavia Spur from I-88 to west County line (300' south of IL-56/Butterfield Rd) 
50Schick Road from Gary Ave to County Farm Rd 
51Herrick Road from IL-56/Butterfield Rd to Warrenville Rd 
52Cross Street from Warrenville Rd to US-34/Ogden Ave 
53Diehl Road from Mill St to Raymond Dr 
54Swift Road from Collins Ave to St. Charles Rd 
55Great Western Trail from east of Salt Creek/West St, Elmhurst to Praire Path- Elgin Branch junction, West Chicago 
56Woodward Avenue from 75th St to Boughton Rd 

Prairie Path- Geneva Spur from County Farm Rd to west County line/Kautz Rd 

59Freedom Drive Warrenville Road to I-88