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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Doing Business with DOT - Plainfield Road at Bailey Road

Project Letting Details

Letting DateSectionProject
January 15, 2016
10:00 am
(IDOT Letting)

Contract No. 61C08

C.H. 31     Plainfield Road
(Manning Road to Cass Avenue)



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  • Bulletin Date: Friday, December 4, 2015.
  • (Refer to Item 110)
  • Description:
    Contract No. 61C08 DuPage County District 1
    Section 14-00275-05-RS
    FAU Route 1551 (PLAINFIELD ROAD) Project M-4003(337)

    Project consists of pavement grinding and resurfacing, pavement widening, removal of existing trees, grading and
    landscaping, sidewalk construction, retaining wall construction, curb and gutter removal and replacement, water main
    construction, pavement markings, traffic signals and pedestrian signals, sign relocations and all other incidental items to
    complete the work from Manning Road to Cass Avenue; includes 159 unit tree removal; 761 cu yd earth excavation;
    1,047 cu yd removal and disposal of unsuitable material; 1,570 cu yd trench backfill; 600 sq yd geotechnical fabric for
    ground stabilization; 3,918 sq yd topsoil furnish and place; 3,918 sq yd sodding; 60 unit supplemental watering; 3,043 ft
    perimeter erosion barrier; 35 inlets; 1,660 sq yd subbase granular material; 506 sq yd aggregate base course; 18,295 lb
    bituminous materials (prime coat); 1,030 ton polymerized leveling binder (machine method); 1,170 sq yd HMA surface
    removal; 100 ton HMA replacement over patches; 138 ton HMA binder course; 2,170 ton HMA surface course; 1,871 sq
    yd protective coat; 7,734 sq ft PCC sidewalk; 25,800 sq yd HMA surface removal; 3,537 ft combination concrete curb and
    gutter removal; 8,388 sq ft sidewalk removal; 2,894 sq yd Class D patches; 2,050 ft strip reflective crack control
    treatment; 2,385 ft ductile iron water main; 15 frames and lids to be adjusted; 3,537 ft combination concrete curb and
    gutter; 3,030 cu yd non special waste disposal; 7,050 ft short term pavement marking; 4,200 ft temporary pavement
    marking line; 12,400 ft thermoplastic pavement marking line; 340 raised reflective pavement marker removal; 5,132 ft
    underground conduit, galvanized steel; 1,635 ft electric cable in conduit, 600V; 8,987 ft electric cable in conduit, signal; 10
    traffic signal posts; 18 signal heads, LED; 16 pedestrian signal heads, LED; 1,118 ft detector loop; 369 ft storm sewers,
    rubber gasket; 340 recessed reflective pavement markers; 4,837 ft fiber optic cable in conduit; 35 drainage structures to
    be cleaned and grouted; traffic control and protection; federally funded; (A Special Provision for this contract requires
    insurance that names additional insureds). (85 Working Days) (Job No.C-91-317-14) (1-21826-0000)
    (See the Special Provisions for the DBE Percentage)


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