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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

75th Street at Book Road

Project Location

  • County Highway 33, 75th Street, at Book Road

Updated: September 28, 2017

Short Description of Work

DuPage County is improving the intersection of 75th Street and Book Road by lengthening the eastbound and westbound left turn lanes along 75th Street, adding a southbound right turn lane on Book Road, modifying the traffic signals, and improving the sidewalk and bike path geometry.

Traffic Control

This project will be constructed primarily utilizing daily lane closures. 

Contract Cost


Completion Date

The work is to be completed within 70 days after the start date.  With a May 1st start, construction would be completed by mid July 2017.  
Due to utilities in conflict with the work, and a short shutdown due to the Illinois budget, there was a delay in project completion.  Additionally, work was added to the contract to do additional paving on Book Road south of 75th Street - - adding more time to the project.

Construction Status 

  • Work started May 1st.
  • Work to date has included installation of erosion control, traffic control (signs), curb and gutter removal along both 75th Street and Book Road, new concrete curb and gutter for the 75th Street turn lanes and Book Road right turn lane, base and surface courses for the turn lanes, and culvert extension.
  • The traffic signal modifications were finalized on September 26th.  Left turns from 75th Street are now permitted only on green arrow.
  • The additional paving on Book Road south of 75th Street is scheduled for September 28th.  This will be followed by a handhole adjustment in the pavement, pavement markings, and landscape restoration.

Plans, Special Provisions, and Bid Details

Link to plans, special provisions, and bid details.

Function/RoleResponsible Party
Contractor D. Construction, Inc.
1488 South Broadway Street
Coal City, IL  60416
Phone: (815) 634-2555
Design Engineer DuPage County
Resident Engineer Bollinger, Lach & Associates, Inc.
Itasca, IL 
Project Engineer Ryan Singer (DuPage County) 
(630) 407-6900