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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Bridge Repairs

Project Locations

  • CH 13 Winfield Road over Spring Brook Creek
  • CH 3 Ferry Road over EJ & E RR

Updated November 13, 2017

Short Description of Work

DuPage County is making bridge repairs at the locations listed above. Repairs include concrete deck patching and joint replacement.

Traffic Control

This project will be constructed utilizing long term lane closures during construction stages. Left turns will be prohibited on Winfield and Mack, and Winfield and Purnell Roads during all or part of the construction period.

Contract Cost

 $ 871,675.07

Completion Date

Construction is expected to be complete by mid October 2017.

Construction Status

  • Construction expected to begin on week of July 17, 2017.
  • Work on west half of Winfield Road bridge begun on July 17th, traffic down to 1 lane in each direction.
  • Work on Ferry Road outside lanes begun on July 26th, traffic down to 1 lane in each direction.
  • Work on east half of Winfield Road bridge begun on August 23rd, traffic was switched to the west side.
  • Work on inside lanes of Ferry Road begun on September 19th, traffic switched to outside lanes.
  • Work on Ferry Road completed on October 9th, all lanes open to traffic.
  • Left turn bays reopened at Winfield Road at Mack and Purnell Roads on October 13th. Left turn movements permitted.
  • All lanes reopened to traffic on Winfield Road on October 20th.
  • Curb work at end of guardrail on east side of Winfield Road completed on November 9th.
  • Construction is 100% complete. 

    Table caption
    Function/RoleResponsible Party
    Contractor Lorig Construction Company 
    Des Plaines,IL 
     (847) 298-0360
    Design Engineer Knight Engineering
    Resident Engineer John Supple (Bollinger Lach & Associates)
    Itasca, IL 
    Project Engineer Tom Hardy (DuPage County) 
    (630) 407-6900