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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Bikeways and Trails


Rules of the Trail

  1. Share the trail with pedestrians, bicyclists, horseback riders, and other users.
  2. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the system.
  3. All users should keep right on the trail. Riders should travel single file and passing should occur on the left.
  4. Users should announce their intention to pass.
  5. Move off the trail when stopped.
  6. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are allowed on the system.
  7. All animals should be kept leashed and owners should clean up after them.
  8. Always wear a helmet when bicycling.
  9. Leave no trace -- please dispose of any garbage in receptacles located throughout the trail.

Adopted from Safe Bicycling in Illinois, a booklet published by the Illinois Department of Transportation.