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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois



DuPage County is criss-crossed by regional trails that connect communities and cross county boundaries.  While the Division of Transportation (DuDOT) maintains most of the Illinois Prairie Path and Great Western Trail, other regional trails are shared by the various jurisdictions that they connect.

Regional Trails in DuPage
Getting Around

The typical standard for DuDOT-owned regional trails is an off-street, multi-purpose trail or side path facility.  Rail-trails, such as the Illinois Prairie Path, are typically crushed limestone surfaces and entirely off-street, except at intersections with roads or other trails.  Side paths on County highways are typically asphalt surfaces with signage, but no striping.  All regional trails bear a trailblazer sign indicating which trail the path belongs to, and typically feature navigational signage to point users to other trails or points of interest.  Inter-jurisdictional regional trails and bikeways can transition between many types of facilities, including on-street bike routes, side paths along busy roads, and rail-trails.

The primary purpose of establishing trails and bikeways in DuPage is to improve non-motorized travel throughout the County and beyond.  In order to assist you with navigating our regional trail network, the County works with municipal partners, forest preserves, park districts, and other agencies to produce trail navigation tools for your convenience.  Visit our Maps & Guides web page to view and learn more.

For further information on any of the regional trails listed above, please contact the Trails Coordinator at 630/407-6900 or via e-mail at (Monday - Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm, excluding holidays).

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